Van Gogh—A Conversation

Listen to a Conversation about Vincent’s Creativity

Vincent Van Gogh  (please click to listen)
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The “Red-headed Madman” Vincent Van Gogh lived a tumultuous life, complicated by bouts of anxiety and mental illness. Does creativity mask the madness? Does the madness boost creativity, expanding depth and insight?

Listen to “Voices in the Family” with Dr. Dan Gottlieb: a look at the connection between the creative mind and disquieted mind in light of a new biography that raises the question: does the painter’s mental state matter? Dan’s guests are author Steven Naifeh and psychiatrist and psychoanalyst Barry Panter, MD, PhD.  Pulitzer Prize winning writer Steven Naifeh’s new book is “Van Gogh: The Life,” written with Gregory White Smith. Barry Panter is the founder of the Creativity and Madness Conference. He’s written “Creativity & Madness: Psychological Studies of Art and Artists.”



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